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API Integration Testing Challenges

Despite the risks of low-quality and insecure APIs, many application teams neglect API testing and focus on UI front-end testing only. Most software development teams are challenged by

  • the tedious work involved in writing test code,
  • unscalable test execution,
  • manual bug management and 
  • the lack of security coverage

FX Cloud Benefits

Accelerate Test Creation with Data-Driven Testing for End-to-End API Flows

Create data-driven tests in simple, declarative YAML files eliminating the need to write and maintain tedious test code while enforcing test standardization. The test composition framework supports API chaining, all assertions, and both local/remote data injection – allowing developers to test end-to-end API flows, not just isolated calls.

Shorten Test Cycles with Distributed Executions Across Private & Public Clouds

Execution Bots parallelize executions and run them in a distributed manner. The Execution Bots can be automatically provisioned on local machines or across any private or public cloud.

Eliminate the Headache of Manual Bug Creation & Assignment

Automated bug filing and closing eliminates the need to manually create bugs and chase after developers.

Shorten Bug Resolution Times with Detailed Analytics and Wire Logging

Quickly fix performance and security issues with detailed analytics on executions and wire logging.

Access Reusable Datasets from FX Marketplace

FX Marketplace provides access to datasets published by experts to accelerate and expand security coverage. Quickly inject these datasets and create thousands of unique iterations with a simple command.